Apply a Digital Signature Certificate

Apply a Digital Signature Certificate

A digital signature in India is a signature or identity of an individual that is done digitally to send and receive it through the internet. DSC is a secure digital way that is issued by the authorities for validating and verifying the validity of the individual who is holding the certificate. Moreover, a DSC holder has detail about the Name, Pin code, Country, Certificate issuance date, and the name of the certifying authority Digital Signature certificates are issued by the Controller of Certifying Authority. For instance, one of the Certifying Authority is eMudhra which issues the certificate.

Benefits of a Digital Signature Certificate:

  • Authentication
  • Reduced cost and time
  • Data integrity
  • Authenticity of documents

Why is Digital Signature Certificate required?

In addition, to sign electronic documents, for example, e-forms are required to be signed digitally using a Digital Signature Certificate.

Digital Signature Certificates types:

Class 2: The identity of a person is verified against a trusted, pre-verified database.

Class 3: The highest level where the person needs to present himself or herself in front of a Registration Authority accordingly.

Documents Required For Digital Signature Certificate:

Type of DSC Certificates

  •  Sign The most prevalent usage is signing the PDF file for Tax Returns, MCA, and other sites. Signing via DSC provides the assurance of not only the integrity of the signer but also the data. It is proof of untampered and unaltered data.
  •  Encrypt DSC is used to encrypt a paper, it is popularly used in the tender portal, to help companies encrypt documents and upload them. You could also use the certificate to encrypt and send classified information. Encrypt DSC is fit for e-commerce documents, legal documentation, and sharing documents that are highly secret and includes information that should protect. However, we are selling Encrypted certificates as a standalone product as well.
  •  Sign & Encrypt Additionally, our Sign & Encrypt DSC can be used for both signing and encrypting. Even though, it is suitable for users who need to authenticate and maintain the confidentiality of the information shared. Its usage contains filing government forms and applications.


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