Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property means inventions of new or creative things, products or assets. IP is secure and protected legally by laws such as trademarks, copyrights, patents which helps the creators to be uniquely recognized from the competitors. 


Intellectual property rights in India:


  • Copyright – It enables the protection of written or published works such as books, songs, films  and other artworks.
  • Patents – The patent rights protect an production, business brand, or the process.
  • Design – Getting a design registration enables the design protection such as a drawing, color, shape, or contrast of designs.
  • Trademarks – A trademark secures signs, symbols, logos, words, patterns or sounds that make difference between the products and services from the competitors.
intellectual property

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Trademark Registration

Trademarks are symbols that are used to identify the item, product or service uniquely from other companies. Trademarks can be any image, graphics, design, expressions or signs.

Trademark objection

Trademark objection: A trademark objection is one of the initial stages in the process of trademark registration. It occurs before trademark registration.

Trademark Renewal

Trademarks are to be renewed every 10 years of its registration. If the trademark holder does not renew his trademark in 10 years then still he has a chance of restoration which means renewal but with a fine.

Copyright Registration

A copyright is a right to a business or organization so that no one can use their things or information. No other organization can produce the same thing

Design Registration

The Design registration is regulated under the Designs Act, 2000. A shape, pattern, configuration, composition or ornament of lines or colors is known as a design.

Provisional Patent Registration

A provisional patent registration  is a preparation step and is taken to get protection before being able to file a full patent. A lot of details of the design and its specifications are needed to get a provisional patent.

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